Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I thank You for calling me here for Zimbabwe. I thank You and praise You for what You have already done in my heart and the hearts of leaders, particularly here at Morning Star. It is so evident that You are in this place, and that You were here long before any of us even thought about coming. You have prepared the way for us, and now I pray that we can prepare the way for You. Lord, I pray that You will reveal yourself to the kids coming to camp in just a few days. I pray that You fill me with You, that You will give me joy and strength to serve You and these kids. I ask that You will reveal Yourself to the Matopo and Bulawayo leaders as well as those of us from America in a new way. I praise You for this opportunity to see how a completely different culture lives, and even more amazing, how they worship You with such energy and sincerity. Thank You for who You are and the freedom I have to worship You. Thank You for the conversations last night, for leaders from Matopo that were willing to share their hearts. I pray that You continue to bless our conversations and turn them to You. Lord, be the focus of this place, of this camp, and of our hearts.
In Jesus' name,

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