Tuesday, September 28, 2010

All of my friends are sick of hearing me talk about Africa and making references to it all the time... but I can't help it. I have missed it ever since I got back, but now I'm missing it more than ever. I want to go back, and I really miss the community of people I had there. Specifically I miss the awesome group of people I went with- Anna, Annalise, Jack, Jesse, Lindsay, Meghan, Ryan, and Zach. They were so encouraging, uplifting, such great listeners, and let Jesus overflow from them. How I wish we could all live in the same city! Need them in my life. I feel like my community here just isn't cutting it right now... No offense to anyone. It's just that in Africa we were together daily, going through the same things, walking through life together for 2 1/2 weeks, growing closer to each other as we grew closer to the Lord... and I am longing for that. Love and miss you all.

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