Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Break

I changed my blog to look all Christmasy and then only blogged once this month (until now)! Oops.

This break has consisted of A LOT of relaxing, which has been wonderful and much needed. I'm already kind of worried about the lack of sleep I'll get the next (and final) three semesters of school. So I might as well catch up while I still can, right?!

I ended this past semester with really good grades- I was hoping for a 4.0 for the semester, but I got a 94 in Info Sciences which was an A-. Silly. Oh well, still my highest GPA yet!

Since mostly I've just been watching movies with Dane, laying on the couch with Olivia, and having sleepovers with Jamie, and my family is really unphotogenic... I don't have any pictures to share!

Christmas was great though. I went to a candlelight service with Dane, Jamie, and Matt Sayers. I got a ton of "teacher" clothes from my mom- we went to the outlets one day, and I got money from various relatives to go towards a new computer. Now I am just on the look out for one! I think I might wait a little while, but I have the money all saved up!

I hope everyone's Christmas was as family filled and Jesus-filled as mine!

Maybe my New Year's resolution will be to be a better blogger... Better think of something quick!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Three blogs... WHAT?!

With all these blogs for class, this whole blogging thing is getting hard to manage! Don't worry though, I'm updating this one instead of the one that is actually due for a grade here soon. Or maybe it was already due... I've completely lost track of all my assignments.

I am so very blessed for so many reasons... and my prayer is that I will remember this always. Not just in the seasons of Thanksgiving and Christmas when blessings seem to be more... evident (for lack of a better word).

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18
Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

These are three verses I hear and think of often... and I pray that my life will look like this. Giving thanks even for the things that don't seem like blessings at the time. Seems like they always ended up blessing me somehow! I saw something the other day, and of course I can't remember the wording so I'm going to butcher it... but it was something along the lines of "If only we were as quick to pray as we are to text..." How true is that?! I am constantly in communication with someone via texts... And I want to be in constant communication with my Father like that, but on an even deeper, more intimate level.

I don't think any of what I'm saying is making sense right now. I can't seem to put my thoughts into words... and especially not eloquently! So sorry this probably isn't fun or even easy to read/understand.

Good gosh, I LOVE MY TEAM! Look how good looking they all are!