Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Happenings so far in freshman year of life [kind of]:

Even though I'm still not technically done with school because I am about to start grad school (in 8 days), it is still a weird transition. I feel like I am supposed to be so... grown up now... and I don't want to be! "They" aren't kidding when "they" tell you to stay in school as long as you can! I'm really stressed out about the upcoming school year because I will be a [almost] full time teacher as well as a full time graduate student. Ahhhh. But I have to trust that the Lord will provide strength, energy, and joy throughout the long, long days... because He is going to. Since I didn't even walk at graduation and I know what I'm doing next year it doesn't seem as real as my friends living the #lifeoftheunemployed, but it is still a little bit scary!

Since summer began I have not been doing much of anything besides moving into a new house with four of my best friends (the house is not new to all of them), shopping, babysitting, and a few big events like...

  • The Chick-fil-a grand opening where I camped out with some great company for 52 free combo meals. (Pictures stolen from Matt.)
  • The drive-in where I accidentally spit water all over Der because Chelcie made me laugh.

Monday, May 14, 2012


Well, it's Mothers' Day... and my mom refuses to be in pictures ever, so I'm going to put this one up here until I get a hate text from her telling me to take it off "or else..." The other ones are from like... high school and before. We are working on getting better at the picture-taking thing though because she always makes me model for her to photograph but refuses to let people take pictures of her. Not really fair, huh? Anyway, enough about that...

A special shout out to this woman on this day because it is dedicated to women like her, but really, she deserves a shout out every day. I owe pretty much everything to her. I am who I am (at least all the good qualities... hopefully there are some) because of her. For most of my life I remember her raising me alone. Yes, I saw my dad pretty often (because my mom allowed this), but I always lived with Mom and, therefore, feel as if I was raised by her.

She has set such a great example for me. She is so kindhearted, funny, independent, strong, sarcastic, and all around wonderful. I am thankful beyond words for her and who she has made me to be. Since she is a single mom, I feel like she had to work twice as hard as a lot of the non-single moms out there... but she did everything she could to ensure a great childhood and life for me. And great it has been.

I've always known my mom's strength, but it truly showed and made an impact on me throughout these past two years when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She worked almost every day through both chemo and radiation. She never complained a bit (which is kind of shocking for how much a whiner she is :) just kidding, Mom), and always forced a smile even when she was in so much pain. You would never even have known she was sick. I am truly amazed and inspired by this woman, and hope to be half the mom that she is someday.

So Mom, thank you for all that you do and all that you are. Thank you for making me who I am. Thank you for loving me unconditionally and letting me follow God's will for my life even when you may not like it very much. Thank you for being an example as a mom and being an example in your faith. Words cannot describe how thankful I am for you, how encouraged and inspired I am by you, or how much I love you.

I'll follow suit and say... No, I have the best mom in the world... but really. I do.

Love you, Mom. So much.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012