Sunday, January 20, 2013

Although I have been on quite the blogging hiatus this year, now seems an appropriate time for an update- the beginning of a new year, a 6 day unexpected break from school (flood days, what?!), and a time of great busyness when I should be writing lesson plans...

I've said it before, I'll say it again, and hopefully I'll continue saying it for many years to come... but I LOVE hanging out with elementary schoolers all day long and attempting to teach them some things along the way.

Christmas break was a wonderful time well spent with family, friends, and the bugs in my hair. Yes, that's right... the kids have now given me the flu and lice. They are so generous and willing to share! Better get used it, I guess! It was such a season of thankfulness (a month late? I believe that every season should be a thankful season, though), love, and waiting.

School has been very stressful this year, and though that usually causes more blogging, this year I really haven't found the time. I had high hopes for this post, but here I am rambling as I search for words to type... so I will just revert back to my usual update of pictures. Soon hopefully I will have words. I want to write about my adventures of teaching third grade- the excitement, the humor, but mostly the faith and the trust that it has required and the joy that it brings.