Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Our first wedding of the year! [Meredith and Ryan]
Chelcie and Mike got engaged!
They started a trend...
Traveled to Baton Rouge to see one of my favorite people.
We rode bikes (and fought about it).
Nicole and I ran a marathon... Oh wait, I just cheered.
Dane proposed.

I said yes!
We celebrated.
We took pictures.

A day I thought would never would come...

Peri graduated too!
Jamie and Alex joined in on the engagement fun!
Lindsey got married!

We bought a house... WHAT?
Thomas and Laurie Lee got married!
Logan and Braxton got married!
Jessie and I chased a storm (and got caught in it) in Hilton Head.
I met ALL the Winbornes!
Chelcie got married!

I gained a wonderful new friend/co-worker.

Dane's first TN Valley Fair experience.

We cheered on the Vols.
Dane lost some teeth and became homeless?
We checkered Neyland.
I was showered.
Marriage License.
We rehearsed.
We were really loved on by our friends.

I married my best friend.

We went on a mini-moon.

Cheered on the Vols some more.

Jamie got married!
Lots of rings... Crazy!
Nick and Robyn got married... I was the honorary groomsman.
I got to see another sweet student of mine get baptized.
I actually managed to send Christmas cards.
Got my first real Christmas tree!
We spent our first Christmas together (until he went to work)!

[Not pictured: We also celebrated Laura and Ron, Mary and Adam, Andrea and Jaz, Derek and Margo at their weddings (some we had to attend separately), along with a few other weddings we unfortunately had to miss. Dane got a job, I got a new class.]

Big things happened this year! We are so very thankful.