Sunday, September 9, 2012

Divine Appointment

It seems like I don't have time for anything these day, especially blogging (besides blogging for class...). I am so busy and so overwhelmed all of the time! That being said, when the heck does the working person go to the doctor/dentist/bank/whatever?! I knew that this was a struggle, but I never realized just how much I REALLY don't have time to go to the doctor until I had reason to go. Dad called continuously to see if I had made an appointment yet because I had decided just to put it off since I would probably never have the chance to go anyway. To get him to stop bugging me, I finally made an appointment. My regular doctor doesn't work on Fridays (of course- the only time I could possibly even squeeze in an appointment), so I made an appointment with someone I had never heard of just so I could tell dad I had gone. Then this appointment was so noteworthy, I journaled nearly every detail of it... So now I will copy that here.

Yesterday I went to the doctor for my arm, and the receptionist was one of my younglife girl's moms. I talked to her about younglife for a second and then was taken back to the room. As soon as the doctor (PA) entered the room I recognized her and said, "You're ******'s sister!" I told her that I was previously ******'s younglife leader and she told me that she recognized me as well. We have many mutual friends and have seen each other a few times at high school football games, etc. She began to tell me how her sister had gone to Ghana with her this past summer, and that it seemed to have had quite an impact on her! It was so cool to immediately be talking about Jesus. I asked what they had done in Ghana and she explained to me that she was adopting 2 girls from there. She showed me a picture of them, and they are precious! Since we were talking about Africa, I mentioned that I had been to Zimbabwe and wanted to return.

We both discussed how we would move there in a heartbeat if we could. She asked if it had to be Zim for me, and I told her that I would love to go back there since I had a few connections, but that I knew I could fall in love with pretty much anywhere probably! I explained that I was interning now (unrelated to Africa, but related to the reason that I thought I was seeing her today), but that I would love to teach abroad one day (which had really been put on my heart again during class earlier that day when we shared our cultural autobiographies and a few people had mentioned this). I love, love, love Zimbabwe, but since my interactions there were mainly with older kids, I have often thought that I would want to experience more young African children. The PA asked if I would ever be interested in Ghana (a place that I have considered many times before because once a native from there prayed over our church and spoke of his ministry there, and I also know people who have had life-changing experiences there [Katie Craze]), and I quickly and excitedly told her I definitely would be. She informed me that she was the main sponsor for the school/orphanage of one of her future daughters. She wrote down information for me about the organization, orphanage, and website. She also told me that the principal there is an American woman married to an African man, and that she is great friends with them.

The doctor then told me that she is off on certain days if I ever wanted to talk more about this. Lastly, she asked me if my parents were concerned about the safety of me going to Africa, and for any one who reads this blog, you know that is a huge worry of my mom's. I explained to her that my mom had constant nightmares while I was there. Apparently Ghana is one of the safest places over there! Not that I could convince Mom of this.... but maybe it will help? All of this was such Divine Intervention. I now know why I couldn't get in to see my regular doctor and got scheduled with this one. There was such a bigger reason for my tingling arm. I loved every word that we shared, but what stuck out the most was that THEY NEED AMERICAN TEACHERS at the school of one of her daughters.

It's not every day that you talked to your doctor about Jesus, and it's definitely not every day that you stay for an hour (no tests being done) just talking about ministry, church, and Africa because you know that you are there for a reason.