Friday, July 23, 2010

Be still, my soul.

In just 66 hours (give or take a lot because my math is probably way off), I will be getting on the plane to head to New York! I've never been there before- unfortunately, I probably won't see much besides the airport and hotel so the shopping and sight-seeing will have to wait for another trip.

Anyway, my first real entry was titled "Comfortable," and I was just thinking that it's a little bit ironic (for lack of a better word) that I am getting ready to put myself in a position that will be very UNcomfortable for me. I will be way out of my comfort zone, but that's something that God constantly asks of us because if we're always comfortable we're likely living selfishly and not with the goal of glorifying God and spreading His love.

Normally by this time I would be FREAKING OUT about the fact that I am going to AFRICA in a few short days... However, God has filled my heart with unexplainable peace. Honestly, it is so weird! Obviously it's all God... but it's still strange that I'm not worried and I'm hardly nervous at all. The only thing I'm worried about is forgetting my passport or something ridiculous like that! I'm slightly nervous simply because my parents are the ones freaking out! and since they are, I feel like I should be! They're worried that I'm going to get sick, something that affects my already weak heart... I know it's probably unlikely, but it could happen. I'm not concerned about it though because I know that God will protect me- if it's His will, I will stay safe and remain healthy... and if it is His will for me to get sick, or even die, then that's HIS WILL. I trust Him 100% with my life because He's the One who created me! And hey, if I die in Zimbabwe, that's a pretty cool way to go.

I'm not the least bit afraid of dying. I hate to say I look forward to it, but I long for the day that I get to meet my Jesus face to face and spend eternity in His presence. The only thing that worries me about dying is that my family would be sad... I don't want that for them at all. I don't mean to say I'm super or important or anything like that, I just think they'd be upset. Hopefully God would overwhelm them with comfort in the fact that I would be completely filled with joy, forever worshiping my God.

This was a weird, random post. Hope it wasn't too morbid...

All of that just to say that I am really looking forward to this trip to Zimbabwe. I can't believe how fast it's approaching. And I am the one that is currently overwhelmed by a sense of comfort and peace from my sweet, sweet Jesus.

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