Thursday, July 15, 2010

Things I love//am obsessed with//am addicted to:

One Tree Hill, NorthStar Church, Knoxville (wouldn't want to raise my kids anywhere else), Young Life, Vitamin Water (I'm trying to make it my replacement for Diet Coke for the time being), Love and Theft, Ellen, Friends (the show too, but more importantly my own friends), Sonic (esp. Route 44s- when I'm not fasting from DC), Waffle Cone Wednesday at TCBY (white chocolate mouse is my favorite thing to get in the cone), Tennessee (the state, the school, the sporting events), Blogging (mostly just reading other people's- I regularly read an unhealthy amount of blogs some of which I don't even know the person, but my own seems to be turning into an addiction as well), Vacation (particularly the beach), Goodwill, Weddings//Wedding photography//Wedding blogs, Sonic receipts with FREE Route 44 coupons, Pictures//Photography, Country Music (I put CMT because I didn't know what other kind of picture I could find to depict country music, but I don't really watch CMT very often), Lady Antebellum (I know country music covers them and Love and Theft but they're my favs right now), and last but not least... DIET COKE. I legitimately am addicted but have not had a (caffeinated) diet coke in almost two whole weeks! I'm trying to give it up since I won't be able to have much caffeine in Africa, and I want to go ahead and get the withdrawals out of the way before I get there!

I just realized I had a picture of my Bible that was supposed to make it onto here... Not sure what happened there. But pretend it's there! And that's because it's my guidebook to life! And something tangible to represent my relationship with Jesus which is the most important thing about me!

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