Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Turn of events...

I started my day by sleeping in but still waking up with plenty of time to get ready, getting an email from Matt, wearing chacos, burning Chasing Someday onto a cd so I could listen to it in the car, driving with the windows down (one of my favorite things ever), and heading to CAK. After tweeting about this combination of things that made it a perfect day (I also don't have class on Wednesdays and have small group tonight), for some reason, I felt the need to "knock on wood" because I had probably just jinxed the perfection of today. Well, I didn't have any wood in my car so I figured I'd be okay... since I'm not superstitious anyway. Turns out, maybe I did need to knock on wood after all.

The first thing that was the beginning of the downward slope of the day, I will not mention on my blog... but after that I got my first ever flat tire! Thank goodness I got AAA for my birthday! Being the genius that I am, I did not realize that the loud noise I was hearing was my tire- I thought something was dragging under my car (since this has happened to me multiple times), and since I was almost home I figured I'd be fine to just drive the rest of the way to my house. Got home, looked under my car, saw nothing... so I continued to explore and found that my back right tire was VERY flat. The AAA man was super nice (but very late), and put my spare on with no problem... until we realized that my spare was also very flat. He told me not to drive on it and seeing as how my dad is out of town... I don't know what to do in this situation! Also, after my trip this past weekend I am BROKE and therefore cannot afford a new tire while Padre is gone.
I've been trying to transfer money from my savings to my checking account in order to get money and buy a tire... but for some reason they have the wrong address on the application or something and me coming there with my license that says my real address is not proof enough that I am who I am and live where I live... Not too sure what to do about that!

So until next Thursday, poor ____ (I really need to name my car- she's the first one that hasn't been named!) will be sitting on the side of the road outside The Yellow House.

All in all, today really has been nice. And very relaxing since I can't drive anywhere- no productivity for me today! But... I'm going to need to find a ride to class tomorrow! :)

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