Wednesday, February 23, 2011

After a week without my [still nameless] car, it is nice to be able to drive again! I was thinking today after I got dropped off at Fisher Tire that it was crazy it had already been a week- I guess a quick trip to the beach made it go by fast! The beach was wonderful and a much needed, relaxing break. Last Wednesday I tweeted about it being a perfect day and then blogged about it being not-so-perfect, but now that today is almost over I think I can safely say that today has been nearly perfect. Minus the fact that I've spent wayyy too much money.

I woke up early to get my car (Dane is such a great friend for always volunteering to help me out- I don't even have to ask!) and then had lots of time to be "productive." So... I went to the YL house to make posters when Chelc texted me to tell me she was at Panera (my second home). I joined her there where we spent some quality time talking about life and running into/scaring (Morgan) friends. Next I went to get some financial situations worked out, went to pick up a ring I special ordered months ago, went to CAK, got my car washed, visited some friends at Red Saile, went home for a few, met Chelcie at a different Panera to study, now I'm blogging/blog-reading, and then I'm ending the night by going to some friends' intramural frisbee game (I'm really excited about it because 1. I usually can't go due to small group 2. It's really nice out today 3. Dane promised he'd shave his mustache after the game), and probably getting some frozen yogurt! Told ya it was a good day!

Just because I needed a picture and this book has been getting me through the past two months! :)

For a prettier picture and to make you jealous- this was my view from our balcony this past weekend. Everything about it was perfect.

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