Sunday, February 6, 2011

Today is big for 2 reasons...

Most importantly, it's my mommy's birthday! I'm pretty sure she's still telling people she's 29... and truth is, she doesn't look much older than that! Anyway, I was hoping to celebrate with her this weekend- not only her birthday, but also that SHE IS DONE WITH CHEMO! Unfortunately, I am sick so I can't be around her. I just dropped off a milkshake at her house so that I wouldn't contaminate her and so she could get some rest. She's not feeling well either... on her birthday. So sad. So please send up a prayer that she will feel better!

Happy birthday to the best mom ever! She seriously is the strongest person I know, and words cannot begin to express how thankful I am for her. I'm so thankful for the chemo being over because I hate seeing how weak it makes her. You would never know that anything was wrong though because she holds it all together so well. She looks great and somehow doesn't let it show that she's not feeling well. I am so proud of her and how great she has been through this whole thing.

(She doesn't ever let me take pictures of her... and gets mad if I put any on here... so I'm hoping not to get in trouble for this one... that's 3 years old.)

Thanks, Mom, for everything you do. And for being such an inspiration to me and so many others. Happy birthday!! Feel better. Love you so much!

The second reason that it's a big day... is that it's Super Bowl Sunday! Finally. Click here for Chelcie's thoughts on the situation. I'm not a fan of either of these teams. Not that I dislike either of them... I just don't really have a huge preference. However, I decided a while back (once the Seahawks lost) that I would cheer for the Packers (since the Colts and Titans were out too). And since Matt's out of the country, I feel like someone needs to cheer for the Packers tonight in his place! So I will take on that role and pull for the Packers! Go Pack Go!

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