Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I really don't like school. I wasn't made for this. I'm not good at it. I love the whole being in college, hanging out with friends thing- that's great! But the whole going to classes, taking failing tests... not fun.

Lately I've been so frustrated with school and having to learn dumb details about things that I will never need to know. Why would I ever need to know that Oslo (the capital of Norway) is 1/2 a millimeter south of where I put it? I won't.

I just want to be doing something that matters. Making a difference. Furthering the Kingdom. Teaching children. Preferably somewhere in Africa.

I do NOT want to be sitting in class, listening to lectures about the Irish banking system, reading maps, studying how Resveratrol keeps platelets from sticking together.

Just needed to get that out there!

Now off to read Jesus Calling instead of "The Slow Death of the American Dream."

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