Thursday, March 10, 2011

Confession: I think I may be addicted to the blogging world- reading blogs of people I love and also of people I don't even know but feel like I know, as well as writing my own posts that probably no one reads. Yesterday I blogged twice, and now this is my second one for today.

Yesterday in small group (we're studying the psalms), Paulette encouraged us to take a few minutes to write our own psalm- then we could share it if we felt like it... and at the time I didn't feel like I wanted to share it, but now for some reason I do. Who knows how long I'll leave this up because I'll probably get embarrassed- I'm not a good writer (but I guess if you read this blog you already know that...), so here goes nothing:

I praise you for never forsaking me.
I thank you that you go before me,
yet you never leave my side.
I cry for help in the situations that tempt me to be selfish, God,
because in reality, it's ALL about you.
Remind me of this. Remind me of your love, your mercy, your grace.
Draw near to me, and draw me near to you.
I love you, Lord, and I long to praise you all my days.
Give me strength in my weakness.
Guide me.
Help me to constantly trust in you,
to keep my eyes always fixed on you,
not on the temporary troubles of this world.
In my life, be lifted high."

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  1. two things: i read your blog and love it! and i think your psalms is so great!