Thursday, January 6, 2011

Seattle Part 2

This is the second half of my trip. We traded in Lindsay, Kevin, and Anna for Annalise. Thanks to her for the pictures this time. This was the part of the trip that I pretended to be a boy for a few days- shooting guns, riding ATVs, kayaking, and watching lots of football. I'd pick all of that over shopping any day. :) It was a blast. Even though I don't know if my muscles will ever forgive me.

Jesse and Jack's property on the bay (it is NOT a lake)

We went kayaking only to find out that the water was FROZEN. Not easy to kayak through and nearly impossible to turn around in! But it was beautiful.

They taught us how to play Settlers of Catan and we were naturals.


Ignore the outfit... All my clothes got ruined after kayaking. I need some practice. And I obviously need some practice with my gun-shooting form too.

We learned that some trees just don't lite... even after dousing them in diesel.

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