Thursday, January 27, 2011

four day weekends

Even though Tuesdays take a lot of caffeine and snacks to make it out alive and Thursdays are pretty long too, I'm already loving not having class on MWF. Going for 12 hours straight on Tuesday doesn't seem that bad when you have all day Wednesday to recover... and you get to end the day with One Tree Hill. Chelcie and I have also discovered that walking to Panera after our 8 o'clock class (we respect people that have eight o'clocks more than we do those that don't) makes the day so much better. Especially when we can convince one of our wonderful friends to let us catch a ride to the hill. It's also nice to catch a ride to grab a quick dinner and then back to our night class on Tuesdays (thanks Dane for loving us so well!).

P.S. world: Dane and I are NOT dating. Just to clear that up! :)

Anyway, since my schedule this semester allows me so much free time (in between classes, going to CAK, club, Sarah Moore Greene, church, small group, etc-- okay, maybe not so much), I really want to manage my time well. I want to be intentional- in my time with the Lord, in my relationships, in my ministry... I want to start with the most important- time with Jesus. I want to focus on that, be intentional in that... and I'm hoping that through that everything else will start to fall into place. I know I didn't mention school because to me that seems so trivial, but I even want to manage my time well with school. Actually do the readings, participate in discussion (only because it's 25% of my grade in one class... shoot. I hate talking in class), take good notes, just stay on top of things... and this semester, because of my crazy packed Tuesdays and Thursdays... big news people- I don't think I'll be skipping many classes. This is good/weird/big for me (kidding mom... I've never skipped a class).

Let's see how long this mentality lasts.

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