Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Chelcie and I survived our first Tuesday of the semester. 12 hours on campus. 8:10 am (but actually a little earlier for parking/walking time)-7:45 pm. For me this entails 5 classes... 2 breaks. Let me just warn you, by 8:00 pm on Tuesday nights I am going to be exhausted and grumpy. As Chelcie said when we left our last class, "We finished our marathon day! High five!" As I was going through the day, I kept saying it wasn't as bad as I had anticipated, but now that I am here sitting on my couch, I realize just how miserable it was. I was super hungry and in a terrible mood when I got home. And pretty much all day. The rain probably didn't help my mood. Thanks to Dane (bffflwb) for giving us a ride to Scott's and back to class! That helped out lots.

Sunday night after dinner we all went back to Red Saile to hang out and I made EVERY person there take a picture with me... so here they are:

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