Tuesday, December 28, 2010


In my last picture update of break, I somehow forgot to add pictures of our fort! How could I forget something so epic? Anyway, I told Morgan I would post pictures of it since she and I live the same life... and she also made a fort recently. Anyway, Nicole, Lindsey, and I decided we should build a fort to watch movies in one night while we were at the guys' apartment. They were just as excited about the idea as we were... they just aren't as good at showing their emotion. So they told us we could use their furniture and blankets, but they would not help us. They thought it was SO funny to just sit back and watch as we failed. Okay, ours was not that bad... it just had room for about, oh, 2 people in it. So finally the guys had seen enough of our struggles and decided to step up. They tore our fort apart completely! and started from scratch. They brought out the ropes (or whatever those things are) and jumper cables, etc. If we had had the same supplies, we could've done just as well, I'm sure!

The engineers taking over.

Eric stole a pillow from under me and when he heard my head crash to the ground, he felt bad and tucked me in.
So sweet.

The finished project. And everyone made the picture except for Eric. He's sitting just to the left of me.
Note the Christmas lights inside the fort.


  1. never loved a fort so much in my life. let's build another one before break is over!

  2. same life. i mean its getting weird. but i love it.