Thursday, December 23, 2010

I'll be like Chelcie and let the pictures do the talking... Be sure to check out her blog for our awesome "go faces." I'm too embarrassed to put them on mine.

A lot has happened since I last blogged. I LOVE breaks from school and I LOVE Christmas.

We've had lots of game nights, and I think this game is a crowd favorite. P.S. I'm not really a giant even though that picture says otherwise.
I helped do some Christmas decorating at Red Saile. What better way to hang up huge colored lights than getting on the roof with some duct tape? Shout out to Dane for being the one to actually get on the roof (and provide the lights)... and then not be able to get back down. :)
Sweet Becca had the wonderful idea to have a pie party! So fun and so delicious.

I enjoyed some Tennessee basketball with Dad, Olivia, her best friend Rylie, and my best friend Matt! It was good to spend some time with him before he left today to go home before he leaves for Rome. I barely missed seeing my future husband Dane Bradshaw. Apparently he was sitting right behind us.

I enjoyed some wonderful coffee and sweet conversation with Morgan at Starbucks yesterday. It was just what I needed before I had multiple mental breakdowns that afternoon/night.

Last night we had Christmas at Gana's (my mom's mom), and tonight we are having Christmas at Naple's with Granddaddy (mom's dad).

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