Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Well, as usual, on Sunday it seemed like our pastor was speaking directly to ME. For some reason I think I'm still emotionally, physically, spiritually tired from the past semester. I'm so thankful for some time to rest, but in that, I need to be resting in a way and place that I can hear God's whisper. I need a word from Him- to be filled by Him and to know what's next. After the sermon Pastor Scott asked a preacher from GHANA to pray over our church. How cool! And as you can imagine, it made me crave being in Africa. It's hard for me to be in school feeling like I'm not accomplishing anything to further the Kingdom. I know this means I need to find my purpose HERE and NOW in this time of preparation for what's next... because there is so much I can be doing right here in Knoxville, but I'm so distracted by the thought of going to Africa- back to Zimbabwe or maybe to Ghana to work alongside this sweet pastor and his wife.

The pastor was born into royalty- the son of a king. One of the servant boys loved Jesus so much that this pastor, even as a kid, realized there was something different about him so he asked the servant about it. Then the soon-to-be pastor came to know Jesus, left the life of royalty, and planted a church that now has 25 churches that branched off from it. Amazing.

It's evident that for now God wants me here. If that's where He wants me, then I'm happy being here... but I don't want to be content. I want to keep searching, keep seeking, keep running hard after the Lord and pursuing His plans for me.

Starting a week from today, I'll be getting up around 6 for Spanish at 8 every day for the rest of the summer (weekends excluded, of course). So for now, I will take full advantage of sleeping til 9 every day!

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