Saturday, May 14, 2011

It's been a loooong time. At least for me. But I HAD to do well on finals, so I spent way too much time in the library. Actually studying. Sounds crazy, huh?

Let's see. Finals were hard. I actually did well on them and made the grades I needed for the most part. My overall grades are much lower than I would like, but... it's over! And IT'S SUMMER!

Since finals-
  • Matt has come back to Knoxville, and it is so so great to have him back. Even though I've sadly only seen him once. I had some people over to my dad's to swim and eat to welcome Matt back, and it was a great start to summer to all be together!
  • One of my sweet friends from Farragut passed away in a car accident. I'm so sad that she is gone but so glad that she is finally happy and free of the struggles and addictions she faced here on Earth. Some high school friends got together and went to the funeral. It was great to spend time with them but sad that it had to be in those circumstances. Can't wait to spend more time with them this summer.
  • Last night Jessie, Nicole, and I made cake balls- they aren't pretty (at all), but they sure are tasty- and then attempted to watch a movie. They both fell asleep.
  • Today I need to clean my room. It's a wreck. It's the first rainy day of summer so it's a good time for it, but somehow I'm sure it still won't happen.
I'm sure other things have happened, but that's all I can think of right now.

Happy summer!

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