Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Yesterday was an off day. All day. And all because Panera on the strip was closed. Apparently it is not good for me if my routine gets messed up. Chelcie and I were out of sorts from our 8:00 on because since January after that class we have walked to Panera to enjoy some coffee, a bagel, friendship, and time with Jesus. Needless to say, the real reason my day was off was because that time with Jesus was postponed until much later in the afternoon. Dumb on my part. That's something I need to make the time for even if it's not in my usual location!

The weather was weird too... trees down everywhere from the storm the night before. It took me 40 minutes to get to campus from my house- without traffic/trees in the road/lanes closed/lights out it usually takes about 7.

Today I am sitting in the library and only a few short minutes ago they made an announcement for everyone to go to the lowest level because a tornado had hit down in Farragut and was heading toward downtown. What? Tornadoes in Knoxville? Just yesterday my friends were convincing me that wasn't possible! Thankfully it went north of campus and everyone here is a-okay. Time to stop blogging and be productive. More later?

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