Thursday, April 14, 2011

It's been a while...

and I have so much to say... however, I have no words right now. School has taken a lot out of me these past few weeks so I can hardly think. Surprising that I haven't blogged since I needed to be studying, I know... but don't worry- I still procrastinated in other ways (such as watching the masters).
I've had multiple people complain about my lack of blogging, and I'm not just saying that. Who knew people actually read it? I'll try to get back on track soon!
Tomorrow night we have Quest Graduation and then team overnight with the new leaders! I'm so stinking exciting- they are AWESOME!

This is how I feel about only having FOUR more days of class! And no more tests. Until finals. Summer, you are SO close.

Goodness gracious I love these girls!
(say a prayer for Nicole while she's at camp. can't wait for her to be back tomorrow!)

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