Thursday, April 21, 2011

Exciting things:

1. I only have two more days of class! Only one more Tuesday to make it through. And I thought I wouldn't survive. Well... guess I still might not survive once my parents see my grades. Have to do REALLY well on finals.
2. My hair is FINALLY growing out. This is BIG news.
3. Girls are signing up for Frontier like crazy this week.
4. Olivia's 8th birthday is coming up. Her party is tonight. I wasn't invited, but I'm going to show up anyway.
5. My small group is wonderful, and we are trying to figure out a way to continue meeting/studying the word together throughout the summer.
6. IT'S ALMOST SUMMER!!!! And a lot of my friends are staying here!
7. Matt will be home in less than two weeks!!

A small recap of last summer:

Gosh summer is my FAVORITE! I just wish I could go to Africa again this summer... but that will come in time. And I will be trying to live in the present right here in Knoxville this summer! :)
(How many times did I say "summer" in this post? Can you tell I LOVE it?!)

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