Sunday, August 22, 2010

You thought wrong.

God definitely has a sense of humor. I know everyone has experienced that in their own way at some point in time... but my most recent experience with it was when I arrived in Bulawayo. As I mentioned before I left, I wasn't nervous at all going into the trip- I was completely trusting God... or so I thought. I'm sure He thought that was pretty funny, and He obviously wanted to show me that the one thing I thought I was good at (sorry Mrs. Crawford), I really wasn't. It's true that going into it I wasn't fearful because I knew that God's will would be done... but I wasn't trusting God with every step I took like I should have been. Therefore, when I got to Africa, He threw me for a loop. I realized that Gary and Judy weren't going to give us a detailed day by day schedule of our time there, and that freaked me out. I was already in such a foreign place and now it seemed very unorganized... Not exactly my type of trip. If I had known what the trip was going to be like before I got there, I can pretty much guarantee that I wouldn't have gone... and that is why I'm so glad I didn't know what I was getting myself into because it was such an incredible experience. It's ironic (to me, not to God) that while I was there the main thing I learned was how to rely on God daily (even hourly) and that's really what I thought I already had under control. Just proof of how much better He knows me than I know myself. Almost immediately after I got home I was shown a huge reason why He was teaching me to trust in Him, and I can now honestly say that I am relying on Him.

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