Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I have a really long break on Tuesdays and Thursdays... so after Carl left me alone in the library, I tried to do homework and couldn't focus... While trying to decide which snack to eat first, I stumbled upon my Africa journal. Why I have that with me, I do not know... but obviously it's a sign that I should continue my Africa blogging, right?

Flipping through my journal, I found where I left off... and I laughed out loud as I remembered the incident that I wrote about first thing:

Last night Meghan went to the bathroom after trying to hold it in for some time (we often found ourselves waiting til the very last possible second because bathrooms are not as luxurious in Africa as they are here in America-- if there even is a toilet, there's definitely not a toilet seat. makes for strong thighs!) First of all, Meghan had to go turn on the light in the kitchen because it was somehow connected to the light in the bathroom. Sharon's family was sleeping on the floor in the den because they had given us their beds, so this light probably woke up everyone. I was just laying in bed when all of the sudden I heard a HUGE crash, a few seconds later the light turned off, and then Meghan was back in our room. I asked her what happened and she explained that she had tripped when leaving the bathroom. Fell flat on her face. Didn't catch herself at all. So if the light hadn't woken up the family, the crash certainly did. No one said anything about it in the morning, so we're still not sure if they all saw her or not. Once Meghan was back in bed, she had to explain to me what had happened since I missed the whole thing (minus the noise), and we laughed for so long about it.
I was woken up in the middle of the night by a donkey braying. I had NO idea what the noise was, but it was right outside our window. It occurred over and over again until it was time to wake up. I finally somehow figured out that it was a donkey, but it was still scary!

Pierre picked us up from Sharon's, and then we were on our way to the safari. We all piled in two trucks and got there about 5 hours later. We saw lots of elephants, zebras, a few giraffes, a few variety of deer, a warthog, some buffalo, hippos, and wildebeests. Sadly, my camera died at the beginning... so here are some more stolen pictures.

During the whole trip so far I've been really worried about mom worrying about me... so Meghan and I walked to where we thought there was a payphone, but turns out it was just a guard sleeping. Whoops! We are staying in "chalets" with thatched roofs and we can hear the animals outside. I've never heard a hyena before, but it makes a very strange noise.

This morning we woke up early to go on a safari where we saw the same things as yesterday plus a jackal, hyenas, kudu, impala, and we nearly ran over a giraffe- it was SO close to us! Then we had a nice breakfast and were off to Vic Falls which was INCREDIBLE. There's no way my words or anyone's pictures can do it justice. It was beautiful. Amazing. Gorgeous. Breath-taking. Magnificent. I can't even begin to describe it. I had heard it was supposed to be so great, but figured it was just another pretty waterfall... wrong! It was such an awesome experience to stand in awe of God's creation with such great company.
We signed up for activities and were told the lion walk was right then! Also such a neat experience.
Then we went to the Boma- an amazing restaurant where we got our faces painted and wore African wraps. We had drums, danced, and ate wonderful food- warthog (the best thing I've ever tasted), half of a grub worm, impala, kudu, ostrich, etc.
I washed my hair for the first time since Jill's house on the 28th! This "vacation" to Victoria Falls has been such a great experience- so much fun, time to relax and be together as a group, great food, showers, one of the 7 wonders, petting lions...

We paid for internet tonight, and it ended up not working. Each time I can't contact my parents I get a little more homesick.

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