Saturday, August 28, 2010


Gary posted some general details about the trip here. It's long, but gives a play-by-play of our time in Zimbabwe.

The girl on the right asked me to take her back to America with me because she had friends there that she had never met but had received letters and pictures from.

 It was SO cool to see 
Zimbabweans wearing 
Knoxville YL shirts.
(Thanks Tim Teague)

In the link, Gary mention that we did some major deep cleaning. This picture doesn't even begin to describe the conditions we had to work with but it is our "before" picture.
And although this would still NEVER be acceptable at a YL camp in America, it was MUCH cleaner and nicer than when we began... and beds are a luxury for the kids in the rural area. We moved all these beds, put the nicest mattresses we could find on them, and made these sheets after we bought out the entire fabric store.

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