Friday, June 29, 2012

So close

I'm so close to being done with class and actually having a [little less than] a month to relax, get my [not so] new room all together, finally get some color on my skin (if it's not too hot), spend time with friends (without being extremely stressed out), and prepare for next year (if that's even possible).

Anyway, I feel such a relief that these two classes are coming to an end. I turned in my huge case study, did my presentation, and now just have a unit plan and a few other assignments to work on. If this summer was any indication of how hard/time consuming/exhausting next year is going to be, I will forewarn you to stay away. I apologize to everyone who has been around me this month because I have been crazy trying to balance all of this school work. I've hardly had any time to hang out with friends because I have been constantly doing homework (not exaggerating) and so very stressed out. I know that I have been miserable to be around, and I have probably complained a lot. So thanks for sticking by my side! I needed it. And like I said, if this is what next year is going to be like (which I'm assuming it will just be worse), I will apologize in advance for the monster that I will be.

The one that has been in the misery alongside me.
The one who always puts up with my craziness even when I'm being super irrational (most of the time). And the one that has been in school ALL summer with no break and has not complained once but listened to me complain daily. Oops.

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