Saturday, June 2, 2012

I thought I was going to be better about blogging during the summer than I was in the school year, but that is not proving true thus far. Summer has been so so great though, and May consisted of a whole lot of nothing. Now, however, I have begun graduate school... AHHH. That is SO weird to me, and I am not happy to be back in school... but it won't be too bad. I think I'm going to enjoy my classes. Unfortunately, due to classes, I had to cut my trip to the beach short... but Nicole and I had a great time while we were there. Had some car trouble at the beach, got it "fixed," miraculously made it home, and then it died on my way to class Thursday- I keep saying how ironic it is that my car worked all May when I was doing absolutely nothing productive, and then the day I need it... it quits working. So is life, I guess.

You better believe I have been taking full advantage of my Chick-Fil-A coupons, eating there nearly every day, and wearing the shirt quite often as well. You could say the Red Saile House consists of Chick-Fil-A-aholics. Who can blame us when we have 52 free meals and they practically pay us to eat there?!

Seeing Christine was possibly the best part of the whole trip.
Such a blessing to my life. Love her.
Megabed and Mulan (VHS, giant TV). Yes, please.
I guess this means it's real!

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