Wednesday, January 4, 2012

[some of] my new year's resolutions

In 2012 I want to...
-fall in love with Jesus every morning.
before I do anything else... I want to get up, spend time with the Lord, remember that He loves me, and fall more in love with Him.
-love others well.
I want to love others better. I want to love others well at all times. I want to love with a Christ-like love. I want to love because He first loved me.
-be more intentional. 
with friends. with family. with young life girls. with acquaintances. with strangers.
-be on time to church.
-read more books.
-blog more.
-start campaigners.
-make at least 12 crafts on Pinterest.
one a month... I can handle that, right?
-drink less diet coke.
and maybe less caffeine in general... still feeling this one out.
-get in shape.
pretty sure I say this every year, along with the rest of the world... but this year I promised myself after I was over this whole mono thing I'd really start working on it! we'll see.
-finish watching the Friday Night Lights series.
-eat healthier.
less french fries!
-cook more, eat out less.
-take more pictures. 
this past year I was terrible about taking pictures! 98% of the pictures on this blog were stolen from friends. this will also inspire me to blog more.

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