Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I was just reading Olivia's blog and saw this:

Fast forward to the end because you'll get the point... anyway, this led me to think about the formal this weekend. Jamie, Chelcie, and I asked the guys in a much less creative way. Oh well, we still all got "yes"s despite the countless hours of waiting for a response. Good thing boys usually do the asking- it wasn't even a big deal and we were still freaking out.

I've never actually met Olivia, but she is Anna's sister and I love love love her blog.

I really don't like studying, and I'm really bad at it. So even though I said I probably wouldn't blog much this week, that might actually mean I'll blog a lot- it's a great way to procrastinate and I refresh my "blogger dashboard" every fives seconds but people don't blog that often so I figure I'll just blog myself if I have already read everyone else's!

Tonight my small group is having a progressive dinner, and I'm super excited... even though it means I'm going to have to go home and FRANTICALLY clean when I get out of class. And I have a paper due tonight... don't know when I'm going to write that (that's what I was attempting to do before I ended up blogging- much more important)!

While I'm sitting here blogging, Scott is skyping me from his western civ class so I'm awkwardly waving to him, Jamie, Chelcie, and Melissa... the girl behind him is staring at me. I FEEL FUNNY.


  1. Haha... I felt really awkward waving to you because I thought Dr Bast was going to wonder what was going on! See you this afternoon!

  2. i'm only commenting because you don't threaten to quit blogging like carl does. two people walked by me in the lib while i was watching that video. glad you'll be blogging a lot this week. also- i think you feel funny because we're really funny. i wish i were with you to hear you say that over and over again. you should probably let beezus know. he'll be really concerned.

  3. i want to know how you asked them to formal!