Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Brian Rakeem Bangura

This is my infamous African boyfriend...
the one that wanted to see MY dance moves
the one that said "I'm going to miss you so much. This is like a Titanic moment." when I was leaving camp.

Here are some snippets from our conversation on facebook today:

Brian- how long is your hair now please don't cut it i love your hair....
Me- Hahaha it's a little past my shoulders.

Brian- thanx dee.what time is it in the u.s.?
Me- 10:34am

Brian- what on earth.im coming for breakfast.lo.lhere its 4:35

Me- Haha I'm in class...
naughty naughty dee ha ha ha.i miss the y.l guys esp you...

Although that part of the conversation is just kind of entertaining and a little humorous... some parts of the conversation remind me of how different life is for them in Zimbabwe. Once again I am reminded of how blessed I am. It's hard not to feel bad for them, but to be honest, most of them don't know what poor conditions they live in. They have so much more focus on family and life than on technology and instant gratification- I'm actually a little jealous of that part.

Here are some of those parts of the convo:

Me- How is your family?
Brian- they are mmmh alright.i dont know about my mom.i havent seen her in ages.but i think she's ok........
Me- and how are your friends?
Brian- oh they cool.although lately i've been spending a lot of time in isolation.

i'm going through a lot of stuff in my life dee and i just decided to be alone so i can find myself spiritually coz i seem to be losing my bearings

i guess its because i wish my dad was here to guide me through some things in life but he's not here.its hard being a man without fatherly guidance and a whole lot more.....

thanx dee its was cool chilling with you and talking to you my time is almost up

Miss it. So much.

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