Monday, April 30, 2012

Today is a good day.


Well folks, I am finished with undergrad. And it is weird. Living it up between now and May 31st when I start grad school. Three cheers for not having finals! More on the craziness of being done with this stage of life at another date.

I got to visit my mentor's classroom today. Can't wait to be spending a massive amount of time with her and the upcoming third graders next year!

Dane and I have been together for 6 months today! In some ways it feels like it has been two years, and in other ways it seems like we just started (officially) dating. --I feel weird blogging about my boyfriend, so it won't happen much... but just had to throw this in here since I'm blogging about today anyway. I'll add pictures from last night's Spring Fling as soon as I can steal them from someone's facebook!--

we've come a long way... and added a lot more color to our skin

We have our last "normal" club of the year tonight, and it is barn club! That's always my favorite! Too bad I forgot to take a change of clothes with me to visit my mentor... but my wonderful boyfriend (of 6 months) brought me a change of clothes! Mrs. Kolinsky's cooking is always a highlight of the week as well as spending time with my team and favorite high schoolers. So thankful for her hospitality.

P.S. My baby sister is 9 as of Wednesday. WHERE THE HECK DOES THE TIME GO?!

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