Tuesday, November 8, 2011

It's been a while... so a quick recap:

I went to the Needtobreathe concert that Ben Rector opened for, and oh.my.goodness. it was SO good!
I got to spend some time with Meredith and see the birthday girl, Rachel!

We had Halloween YoungLife club:

We celebrated Dane's birthday (I know I already talked about his birthday, but here are some pictures from the actual night!):
The only picture we actually got together. Thanks Jessie!
[Side note: I didn't actually take any of these pictures myself... pretty typical of my blog's pictures actually. Thanks to BT, Diana, Jessie, and Lindsey's cameras for these!]

Sunday night we had a "bring-your-significant-other small group bonfire" at Paulette's:
but of course we only wanted the girls in the picture!

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