Monday, August 22, 2011

Blog Numero Dos

Well... today I had to start a blog for my TPTE 486 class. Chelcie and I were the only ones that already had "just for fun" blogs... wow, that was embarrassing. We already had our little pictures and blogs we follow and... lots of Bible verses and "lovin' Jesus" About Me sections... and then when we created our new blog it all linked to that. Now I hope that doesn't sound like I'm the least bit ashamed of who I am because I'm certainly not. I love my Jesus and I want everyone to know. I just don't feel like this blog is super professional... so I'm having to make a few changes to my profile so that the other one DOES look professional and appropriate for class.

Last Thursday I added four classes and dropped three. Needless to say, I'm a little tiny bit unsure of what classes to take, what I need to be in, what classes are just a waste of my time... I just need 15 hours, people. And no Saturday classes, PLEASE. That has to be a joke that there even is such a thing.

Now to all (two) of my followers: Please feel free to NOT check out my other blog. It will probably be even more goofy than this one since I'm attempting to make it professional. However, if your heart so desires to find it and read it, please feel free to proofread it for me. I know I make a lot of mistakes on this one that Mom usually calls me out for, but I actually get points taken off on the other! Anyway, not only will the other one be goofier, it will also be... more boring.

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  1. You didn't post a link..... how am I supposed to read it?